Although it doesn't feel like it, summer is slowly slipping away. Usually we change our shop hours to "fall hours" around this time of the year when school starts back up and we are open less.

Well, what if this year we didn't do that?

As a matter of fact, what if this year we didn't close for the winter? What if we just said screw it and stayed open? What if we started offering awesome new hot chocolates and some winter sundaes? What if we sold our famous ice cream cakes all season so those of you with birthdays in the off season weren't left out? What if you could come to Lake Effect during the winter holidays? What if we added a whole new ice cream category for winter flavors?

That's a lot of what if's...

And here's the last one. What if all I said above was true? 

Because it is!

The Lake Effect Ice Cream shop in Lockport is going to stay open much longer. We're going to do some amazing things this winter, so be ready.

Our name is Lake Effect, after all.

Jason and Erik