We've been planning this year's Christmas flavor sale since, well actually, last Christmas.

This year's flavors are absolutely off the hook, if we do say so ourselves. We're really excited to announce our 2015 holiday pack flavors.

Flavor #1 –Yule Log
Of course, the first flavor I list is the one that might be over the top. Every year, my family has a traditional Yule Log at Christmas. If you’ve never had one, I always thought of it as kind of a giant Hostess Ho-Ho. This ice cream is our take on that traditional dessert: chocolate cake batter ice cream, swirled with chocolate and blended with chocolate brownies chunks, vanilla pound cake pieces and chocolate flake. Like I said, over the top.

Flavor #2 –Oakes Riesling, Pear and Toasted Macadamia Nut
Wait until you try this one. We created an ice cream built around a Riesling, and the result is one of the best wine ice creams we have ever made. We infused the cream with Leonard Oakes Petillant Naturel Riesling, added a hint of pear and then blended roasted and salted macadamia nuts throughout.

Flavor #3 –Christmas Jingle
We plucked this one right out of our childhood. If your home is anything like ours, we start buying Jingle cookies sometime before Thanksgiving and eat them through the entire holiday season. I can’t tell you all the times I remember playing video games next to a bowl of jingles as a kid. So, to do them justice in an ice cream, we created an ultra rich sweet cream ice cream and packed it with crushed Jingle cookies. Last, we and topped it with colorful decorative sugar crystals just like on the iconic cookie.

Flavor #4 –Butterbeer
We've tested this flavor for months and are glad to announce that we finally finished our final ice cream recipe in time for Christmas. Harry Potter fans rejoice, we have created Butterbeer ice cream. We researched the ingredients and converted them to a creamy and rich Butterbeer flavor. We even top each pint with a vanilla cream “head” just like on a frosty pint. Mischief managed.

For those of you who've never participated in the holiday flavor sale here is how it works:

Our holiday packs will include one pint each of our holiday flavors, wrapped in colored tissue paper and packed in a white box. We include one of our Lake Effect free cone wooden nickels in each gift box. Also, again this year, we will place a “golden ticket” in TWO of our gift boxes that will allow the lucky finder of the ticket to create an ice cream flavor of their own with Jason and Erik.

The gift boxes are $25.00 plus tax each and only available through pre-order at this link...


You will be able to pre-order them ONLY until midnight on December 5th .

After your order is complete, we will then custom make all of your ice cream and have our staff at our shop for the following three dates for you to come in and pick up your gift boxes.

-Friday, December 18th from 4-8pm
-Saturday, December 19th from 9-3pm
-Sunday, December 20th from 9-3pm

Stop down to our shop on any of those days and pick up your pre-order just in time for the holiday season. Please be sure to bring your receipt so we can help get you back on your way as quickly as possible. We will not be shipping any holiday gift packs, as they are pick-up only.

We will also have our “one free cone” wooden nickels and gift certificates available at our shop on all three of the pick up days.

Let the holiday season begin.

Jason and Erik